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Comment on Drawbacks to Blogging (such as Journal Style Writing) by BottledWorder and Repost of: Using Springpad to Manage Ideas/Inspirations for Posts on YOUR BLOG

I’ve recently read a post from one of my favorite bloggers BottledWorder, who dispenses a lot of wonderful insights on writing, on the drawbacks to blogging.   Item 4 on the list of five drawbacks is getting used to journal-style recordings and free writing.   In brief, the two aspects of this mode  of writing are 1)

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Using Springpad to Manage Ideas/Inspirations for Posts on Your Blog

The reason why I write is so that I can have some balance from a full-time job that continues to consume me; so that I can cultivate this hobby that’s been an on and off affair over the last ten years.  However, inspirations come at every corner throughout the week.  It is hard for me

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What Half A Bottle of Sun Block Being Used Up in Two Weeks Taught Me about Enlightenment, Resolution, and Examining Elements of a Habit

I recently wrote a post on enlightenment and resolution, in Diwali and Elizabeth Gilbert on Heaven and Hell. Wearing sun block is one of the top prevention of aging of the skin.  I know that.  This is nothing new to anyone.  I guess we’re all enlightened.  But there is a number of us who don’t

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Diwali and Elizabeth Gilbert on Heaven and Hell

This last week marked the celebration of Diwali, The Festival of Lights, for Indians around the world. I am borrowing from The Hunffinton Post, the meaning of the Diwali: “The word Diwali comes from the Sanskrit deepavali, which means a row of lights. The festival of Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over dark, good over evil and knowledge over

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My Morning Routine, experimenting with image juxtaposition in Polyvore

Morning Routine  FRUIT tinted moisturizer Face care Eye care Beauty product Beauty product

One Month Blogging Anniversary

Today is a holiday so I am going to steal a pocket of time to post (I usually post on the weekends).  Why?  It is also the one month anniversary of happyconnected. I see an anniversary as a time to reflect.  It is an opportunity to give thanks to all the good fortunes that helped

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Reconnecting with An Old Gadget (Magic Bullet) to Explore a New Ingredient (Purple Sweet Potato)

Sometimes I forget how useful a gadget is.  After we moved out of our last apartment, I stashed the Magic Bullet away.  It was only when we mistakenly bought whole beans instead of ground did I realize that I could use the Magic Bullet for grinding coffee beans  and since then, it’s been on the

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Pinterest’s Secret Board, a Feature Already in Springpad, Made Me Realize Pinterest’s Priceless “Pretty Factor”

I see in my email today a notice from the Pinterest team about its new Secret Board feature.  Isn’t that just Springpad? Except that Springpad ALSO enables multiple users to share a board, store checklists/tasks, add multiple photos onto in a gallery, add reminders, and finally add an item onto multiple notebooks.  And then right is when I realize that there is a component here that is beyond just features, there is the  “pretty factor.”

It’s the white dreamy layout , the white border around each image, juxtaposed against a gray canvas Pinterest has.  And I realize that Pinterest also applies some processing to its images. I love Springpad but I would continue to use Pinterest as a window to all things beautiful…..I hope that Springpad up the game with its design!! Or perhaps, Springpad is the Type A OCD equivalent to the more dreamy  elusive inspirational Pinterest. Looking at Pinterest is a guilty pleasure that is not going away because it’s so darn pretty!!!

Using Springpad to Gather Inspirations for a Backyard Wedding

One of the challenges with using a blank canvas, such as a house that is not typically rented out for weddings, is coming up with a vision.  The more I work on wedding planning, the more convinced that it is an exercise of creating a vision that is right for you, and using that vision

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Researching for a Wedding Venue using Springpad

My fiancé and I started doing research last week on houses to have our wedding (we’re hoping to have our wedding in first week of June 2013 so we have roughly six months to plan).  We envision our wedding to be at the backyard of a house where we can have his family stay with us

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