Private Journal Entries in Springpad: What is happyconnected’s Role?

The last time I published here was February 25, 2013. I’ve since then last publication wrote privately, on Springpad.

I usually start the week with a calendar Spring, plan forward with some description of how I want the week to transpire (bridal shower, finish x, y, z tasks). Thereafter, I would document the week with journal entries under the “Comment” section and add photos. I have now completely removed the habit of writing on physical journals.

For the purpose of putting thoughts and memories onto something concrete, I’ve achieved it, privately. A year can be broken down into 52 weeks of memories: the week that my wedding dress came, that of my cousin’s wedding, when my fiancee took us to the zoo. Each Spring, with its vivid image and comments, becomes a landmark I can easily recollect.

Having this option to privately journal enables me to understand the motivation of writing on a blog. Blog writing now is for an audience. And my motivation is having something that he/she can walk away with after reading: something to think or do. Visit a website, try a recipe, or further pontificate on the subject matter. This connection to an unknown audience is what happyconnected is about.

It’s less than a month and a half till our wedding day. The question is whether my experience from now till the Big Day is worth telling others about on here. Would someone care what I have to say? I can try for the next forty something days. I owe it to try, to at least publish and see whether what I have to say has any significance. If I can’t connect, then it might be time to close up shop and realize that I have found a private medium to express my thoughts and capture my memories. And I can leave it at that.

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